Holidays in Röhrnbach in the Bavarian Forest

Markt RöhrnbachHolidays in Markt Röhrnbach

The Spa Hotel Jagdhof is located in a very central position in the southern Bavarian Forest between the three-river city of Passau and the Bavarian Forest National Park in the idyllic Bavarian Forest village of Röhrnbach, the ‘market with a heart’. Numerous events that are popular in the entire surrounding area take place throughout the year in Röhrnbach (fairs, flea market, musical events, local culture festivals and much more). Around 60 km of well-signposted hiking trails are available in and around Röhrnbach to holiday guests who want to experience the scenery of the Bavarian Forest at first hand.

Markt Röhrnbach

Dreisessel im Bayerischen WaldBavarian Forest mountains

You won’t find any ‘eight-thousand-metre mountains’ in the Bavarian Forest, but there are EIGHT THOUSAND-METRE mountains here that are ideal for mountain hiking.

The most popular mountains in the Bavarian Forest are the Lusen (1373 m), the Rachel (1453 m), the Dreisessel (1333 m) and the Grosse Arber (1456 m), plus many more.

Bavarian Forest mountains


Bayerischer WaldMuseum villages in the Bavarian Forest

The two museum villages in Tittling and Finsterau in the Bavarian Forest can be reached by car in just a few minutes from our hotel in Bavaria. A trip is a particularly educational experience for the whole family.

Museum villages

Museum im Bayerischen WaldMuseums in the Bavarian Forest

Visit museums in the Bavarian Forest.


GlasThe Glass Road in the Bavarian Forest

Explore the Glass Road in the Bavarian Forest. The Spiegelau glassworks in Bavaria is a must for every holidaymaker in the Bavarian Forest, because Spiegelau is THE station along the Glass Road.

Spiegelau glassworks

Passionsspiele in PerlesreutFestivals in the Bavarian Forest

Events in the Bavarian Forest: festivals and celebrations in which our guests are also welcome to take part take place in Röhrnbach, the surrounding localities and elsewhere in Bavaria every weekend, above all during the school summer holidays. We have put together a few examples for you here.

Festivals in the Bavarian Forest

DonauschifffahrtBoat trips on the Danube

Enjoy not only a spa holiday on the edge of the Bavarian Forest National Park. The Danube, one of the longest rivers in Europe, reveals itself in its own special way on a boat trip. The Wurm and Köck shipping company based in the three-river city of Passau offers boat trips on the Danube in Bavaria.

Boat trips on the Danube in Bavaria

Radfahren im Bayerischen WaldCycling in Röhrnbach

The Hotel Jagdhof in Röhrnbach offers a special service for all cycling fans!

The hotel has its own cycle hire business. You can reserve cycles for your cycling tour through the Bavarian Forest at the reception.

Cycle hire per cycle per day: 10 euros

We will be glad to drive smaller groups free of charge to the Adalbert Stifter cycle track and to the Danube-Ilz cycle track.

Cycle tracks

Segway-Touren im Bayerischen WaldSegway tours in the Bavarian Forest

Glide silently over the asphalt – an unbelievable experience!

With the Segway PT you can explore the area around the Spa Hotel Jagdhof in the Bavarian Forest on guided tours and have great fun at the same time.

Guided Segway tours

Wanderurlaub im Bayerischen WaldHiking holidays in the Bavarian Forest

Endless hiking through Röhrnbach in the Bavarian Forest.

Whether along historic trading routes, on the trail of the salt sumpters or glass dealers, there are literally no limits imposed on the hiker.


Nordic Walking im Bayerischen WaldNordic Walking tours in Bavaria

Nordic Walking is more than just a trend sport. ‘Proper’ walking with sticks trains the whole body in a way that only a very few types of sport can offer.

Nordic Walking tours

Motorradtouren Bayerischer WaldMotorcycle tours in the Bavarian Forest

Motorcycle tours in the Bavarian Forest offer the motorcyclist ideal conditions for enjoying his hobby to the full. Since most of the charming routes in our region are not overfilled with traffic, you often have the wonderful roads to yourself.

Motorcycle tours in the Bavarian Forest

Herrliche Langlauftour im Bayerischen WaldSkiing in the Bavarian Forest

Skiing regions such as Mitterfirmiansreut, skiing region Hochficht, skiing region on the Dreisessel or Oberfrauenwald are located very close to our Spa Hotel Jagdhof in the Bavarian Forest. The ski runs are suitable for all standards and are therefore ideal for winter holidays.

Skiing in winter in the Bavarian Forest has become well-known particularly since there is a high snow probability compared to other regions.

Winter holidays in the Bavarian Forest

For all tennis enthusiasts, Röhrnbach of course has just the right offer available. On the grounds of the water recreational area / Badesee Röhrnbach (Röhrnbach lake), you will find the large tennis complex, the TC Röhrnbach.


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TC Röhrnbach e.V.
Bruckmühle 4
94133 Röhrnbach
Telephone: 08582/1763

Bayerischer Wald

Bayerischer Wald

Bayerischer Wald