The Bavarian Forest mountains – mountain hiking

Bayerwaldberg Arber im SommerThe Arber – King of the Bavarian Forest mountains

At 1,456 m the Grosser Arber is the highest mountain in the Bavarian Forest, which has led to it being called the ‘King of the Bavarian Forest’.

The Arber is not only the highest mountain in the border mountain range, it also occupies a very special place thanks to its scenery.

The dense coexistence of great natural phenomena makes the Arberland an asset of inestimable value.

Hiking tours on the Arber

The Arber is lent its unmistakable character by the Rissloch waterfalls, various moors, the ice-age lakes with their steep banks and the primeval forest. Last but not least, the forest-free summit of the Arber itself is a special feature whose flora and fauna can be found nowhere else in the Bavarian border mountain range.

The Arber is one of the best-known excursion destinations in the Bavarian Forest, particularly for hikers and winter sports enthusiasts. To reach the summit you are recommended to take the cable car, followed by a 15-minute walk. The summit is 76 metres higher than the mountain station of the cable car.

Bergwandern auf dem RachelMountain hiking on the Rachel

At 1,453 m the Rachel is the second highest mountain in the Bavarian Forest. Hiking tours to the summit of the Rachel are always an experience.

There are various options for the ascent, e.g. via the Rachelsteig, via Oberfrauenau, via the Racheldiensthütte, via the Rachelsee or via Gfäll and the Waldschmidthaus.

In summer an environmentally-friendly bus powered by natural gas takes you from Spiegelau to Gfäll, the starting point for many hiking tours on the Rachel.

From here you have to go on foot to the summit. After a demanding climb you are rewarded with a stunning view.

The Rachel in winter

The Rachel is also suitable for winter tours. In this case warm clothes and good footwear are particularly important, because the snow can easily be over 3 m deep at the summit.

Parts of the path are often icy. It is safer with sticks and (if you have them) crampons than with hiking shoes alone. Snow shoe hikes on the Rachel are also varied and guarantee a unique nature experience. These are even offered with a guide starting from Spiegelau.

Mountain masses at the Rachel summit

The Spiegelau forest association section organises regular mountain masses at the Rachel summit. A holy mass in God’s great outdoors is always particularly impressive.

It’s easy to understand why many people feel closer to God in the mountains. And after the mass you can call in at the Racheldiensthütte for refreshments.

Der Lusen im Bayerischen WaldThe Lusen in the Bavarian Forest

With a height of 1,373 metres the Lusen is the fourth highest mountain in the Bavarian Forest National Park and is situated close to the border with the Czech Republic and the villages of Waldhäuser and Spiegelau.

It is a popular hiking destination in the Bavarian Forest both in summer and in winter.

Rock summit - an enormous heap of rocks

According to legend the summit, which is completely covered with granite rocks, was piled up by the devil over a gold treasure. The rock summit is in fact a geological object of interest

and it is precisely the summit that makes the Lusen unmistakable. Just below the summit is a snack bar which is also open in winter. It is from here that the long descent by sledge (winter path) starts, for which an astoundingly large number of people take the trouble to climb up the mountain, even when the snow is deep.

Der Dreisessel - Berg in BayernThe Dreisessel mountain in Bavaria

The Dreisessel is a 1,333-metre high mountain in Bavaria in the triborder region of Austria, Bavaria and the Czech Republic in the municipality of Haidmühle, i.e. on the border with the Bohemian Forest. Three bizarre, cushion-shaped, weather-beaten granite rock formations form the summit and give the mountain its name (Dreisessel = ‘three chairs’).

Below the summit lies the Dreisesselhaus. The passable Dreisessel road leads almost up to the hut. There is also a ski lift at the foot of the mountain.

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