Cycling in Röhrnbach in the Bavarian Forest

Radtour ab Hotel JagdhofCycle hire in the Hotel Jagdhof in Röhrnbach

The Hotel Jagdhof in Röhrnbach offers a special service for all cycling fans!

The hotel has its own cycle hire business. You can reserve cycles for your cycling tour through the Bavarian Forest at the reception.

Cycle hire per cycle per day: 10 euros

We will be glad to drive smaller groups free of charge to the Adalbert Stifter cycle track and to the Danube-Ilz cycle track.

Bayerischer WaldThe Danube cycle track

The international Danube cycle track ranks as one of the most popular and most used long-distance cycle tracks in Germany. Your cycling holiday in the Bavarian Forest is enriched by an exciting cycling tour. That’s why cycling along the Danube has a long tradition. After all, you’re cycling alongside one of the mightiest rivers in Europe.

The German Danube cycle track section is 619 km long from its origin in Donaueschingen to the German/Austrian border (river kilometre 650). Downstream from Kelheim the Danube is navigable by ship and, since all Danube shipping companies are glad to take along cyclists, this enables the combination of a cycling tour with a boat trip. It’s easiest to join the Danube cycle track in Passau if you’re holidaying in Röhrnbach.

Route and surroundings

The majority of the route is asphalted; only short sections lead over gravel or sand paths, because the Danube cycle track runs for the most part on separate, asphalted tracks and only occasionally on unmade cycle tracks or side streets with little traffic. Often in direct proximity to the river, in some cases alternatively on the passable Danube dyke. Families with children, tandem riders or holiday-makers with trailer get full enjoyment on large parts of the flat Danube cycle track.

Apart from that, picturesque river loops and cliffs in the Danube cut-through in the Bavarian Jura, lovely farmland in Lower Bavaria, foothills of the Bavarian Forest and the fertile plain of the Gäuboden await you. Romantic towns, monasteries, fortresses and castles line up along the banks.

Bayerischer WaldThe Adalbert Stifter cycle track

This approximately 45 km long route is ideal for family excursions, since the track is completely car-free and no large gradients have to be overcome. The new Adalbert Stifter cycle track leads you on your tour from Röhrnbach via Waldkirchen past the holiday park to Haidmühle on the Czech border. Those who wish to cruise at a gentle pace without much effort and in harmony with nature, along a picturesque river valley past green meadows and sweet smelling forests, will particularly enjoy riding along this former railway track.

Route and surroundings

The Adalbert Stifter cycle track runs for a distance of 26.6 km, 21 km of which are gently downhill, between Haidmühle and Waldkirchen on a non-asphalted former railway track. A wonderful hill landscape, beautiful forests, refreshing brooks, broad meadow slopes and the most unusual rock formations await you.

The cycle track is several metres wide, very well signposted and flanked here and there by benches where you can take a rest. A noticeable feature is the very well maintained surface covering, which is accordingly very pleasant to ride on. Whether you’re alone, with your family or in a group, you can let yourself by captivated by the quietness of the surroundings, the healthy forest air and the rushing of the Mirasat brook, far away from all traffic noise.

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