Festivals in the Bavarian Forest in Bavaria

Events in the Bavarian Forest: festivals and celebrations in which our guests are also welcome to take part take place in Röhrnbach, the surrounding localities and elsewhere in Bavaria every weekend, above all during the school summer holidays. We have put together a few examples for you here.

In the hotel you will find constantly updated information about all the important festivities in the Bavarian Forest and all over Bavaria.

Festivals in Röhrnbach in the Bavarian Forest

The events calendar in Röhrnbach in the Bavarian Forest ranges from village fetes and church celebrations to concerts and much more. Visit the big traditional flea market on the 3rd Sunday in August, or the Easter Monday fair or the Kersch fair.

The annual spring concert of the Liedertafel, which offers much musical variety, has proven to be very popular with the public. The playgrounds are just right for the little ones. A lovely way of getting acquainted with the area is to take a trip in a horse-drawn carriage.

‘Marktrichter’ days in Waldkirchen

The ‘Marktrichter’ days

The historic ‘Marktrichter’ days, in which one is transported back to the time in which Markt Waldkirchen still belonged to the prince-bishopric of Passau, have taken place since 1979. At that time the market town experienced its first boom period above all due to the ‘Goldener Steig’ - the old salt trading route from Passau to Bohemia. Take part in the journey into the past.

The Waldkirchen Dreschersuppe

In the ‘Waldkirchen Dreschersuppe’ the rural past is revived with loaded hay carts, horses, cleaning mills, threshing carts and steam. Each second Saturday in August one can learn how farmers processed ripe cereals in times gone by. The market place resembles an enormous ‘threshing floor’, where threshing, cleaning and not least also celebrations take place. Naturally Bavarian brass band music for dancing is part of the fun. Let yourself by captivated by the rustic atmosphere, which will no doubt be an experience for you.

The Pandur festival in Spiegelau

Informal camp life and musical entertainment as well as Pandur specialities, Pandur beer and Pandur wine await you at the Pandur festival in Spiegelau, and all this by the cosy campfire. After the traditional fencing group ‘Romantica’ and the riding display by the Spiegelau Pandurs (torchlight ride, sabre dance, etc.) are over, the festival continues with the vivid market life, with old handicraft and service enterprises and many booths. In addition there is a historic Pandur flea market and various performances (brass band, singing groups, fencing group). The children have a special programme of their own.

Festivals in Perlesreut and Fürsteneck

Passion play in Perlesreut

The Perlesreut passion play is performed every 2 years. The project sponsor, the Perlesreut Cultural and Passion Play Society Association, picked up on a historical background here. Passion plays had already been performed in Perlesreut in the 17th Century and into the 18th Century (start 1719). The play covers the time from Jesus entering Jerusalem up to the resurrection.

The Schmalzlerfest (snuff-maker festival) in Perlesreut

The ‘Schmalzlerfest’ is held each 3rd weekend in July and is based on the history of snuff and its former economic importance for Markt Perlesreut. The climax of this festival is the snuff-taking competition held on the Sunday (famous through TV and radio). Anyone can take part in this, whether a long-time taker of snuff or a newcomer, and even holiday guests cut a good figure. Further attractions take place as part of the Schmalzlerfest, such as a horse market, helicopter pleasure flights and more.

Fürsteneck Baroque Festival

The background to the ‘Fürsteneck Baroque Festival’ is the unique character of the Ilz valley, the historic 13th century castle and the multicultural function of the former ‘Goldener Steig’, in which Czech, Austrian and German amateur actors, cultural scientists and baroque fans have established a new cultural speciality in the east Bavarian festival play calendar. The premiere of the play ‘Pech und Puder’ (Pitch and Powder) represents the climax of the 10-day cultural event.

Festivals in Grafenau

The Säumerfest (Sumpter Festival) in Grafenau

Each year on the first Saturday in August the clocks are turned back half a millennium in Grafenau, the oldest town in the Bavarian Forest. With a historic salt sumpter parade, a mediaeval market in the town square, many comedy plays and music,  Grafenau commemorates the 625-year history of the town, which was once an important transshipment point on the ‘Gulden Strass’. Grafenau stood at the centre of the salt trade between Bavaria and Bohemia. The bearded salt sumpters camp overnight on the marketplace in Haus i. Wald (eight kilometres from Grafenau) on Friday before the traditional trek on Saturday with horses and covered wagons over the Haselberg to Grafenau, where they once again set up their sumpter’s camp.

Kinderbärchenfest (Children’s Little Bear Festival) in Grafenau

The Kinderbärchenfest always takes place in Grafenau in the middle of August. The Bärchenfest is always a high-class event for families. Here there are numerous stations suitable for kids that are full of games, excitement and fun and provide for king-size family pleasure. The programme of the big Kinderbärchenfest includes attractions such as a clown, the town bear, bull riding, make-up booths, a miniature railway, a join-in circus and games such as sausage catching and much more.

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