Explore the Glass Road in the Bavarian Forest

Glasshütte in SpiegelauSpiegelau glassworks in Bavaria

The Spiegelau glassworks in Bavaria is a must for every holidaymaker in the Bavarian Forest, because Spiegelau is THE station along the Glass Road.

The route from Neustadt to Passau following the River Waldnaab connects historic glassmaking centres.

The glassworks in Bavaria fascinate with designs ranging from traditional to avant-garde; glass museums document the history of this material, which is thousands of years old.

Spiegelau glassblowers

The glassmaking teams around the melting furnace work hand in hand. One heats up the glass and pulls it into shape. A second person turns the ductile mass. Then it goes briefly back into the furnace and a further piece of glass is grafted on. One of the men blows the glass. The masters form delicate works of art from the glowing molten glass. Half-hour guided tours of the glassworks in Spiegelau are offered from Monday to Saturday.

Glass centre in Spiegelau

Here you can get information about this beautiful material and purchase articles made of glass at inexpensive prices, in particular the finest drinking glasses. Don’t miss spending a day of your holiday in the Glass Centre, because nowhere else can you purchase uniquely beautiful and high-quality glass as cheaply as in the Glass Centre in Spiegelau.

The glass pavilion in the Bavarian forest

Apart from the entire Spiegelau range you will also find a further 4000 products made of glass and porcelain from other manufacturers on an area of 400 sq. metres. Spiegelau specialises in the finest drinking glasses for all beverages in the most diverse designs, from the finest traditional mouth-blown glass up to the most modern fully automatically produced goblet with a drawn stem. From the most expensive collection glass to the most inexpensive banquet or party glass.

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