Endless hiking through Röhrnbach in the Bavarian Forest

Wandern im Bayerischen WaldExperience hiking holidays in Bavaria

With over 130 summits higher than 1,000 metres, a hiking region extends in the Bavarian Forest from the Danube to the Bohemian Forest. Hike without limits on a hiking holiday in Bavaria, the ‘Green Roof of Europe’, the largest contiguous forest region in Central Europe.

Whether along historic trading routes, on the trail of the salt sumpters or glass dealers, there are literally no limits imposed on the hiker.

Mountain hiking in the Bavarian Forest

The Bavarian Forest offers many mountain tours. The mountain summits (Grosser Arber 1456 m, Grosser Rachel 1453 m, Lusen 1373 m, Plöckenstein 1363 m, Grosser Osser 1293 m, Dreisessel 1312 m) were covered in glaciers during the ice age. The effects of the glaciers often gave rise to small mountain lakes such as the Rachelsee. The Lusen is one of the main attractions in the Bavarian Forest National Park.

The leisurely ascending and descending mountain slopes are just perfect for hiking. Well-marked hiking paths lead into the wonderful mountain world. Mountain tours on the Rachel, Lusen, Arber or Dreisessel offer a unique nature experience. The Bavarian Forest National Park offers a unique network of hiking paths.

More information on the Bavarian Forest mountains

The Goldener Steig

Hike from Passau to Prachatitz. You can hike through the Bavarian Forest to Bohemia along 4 old trading routes marked with the sumpter symbol. These hiking paths, which form the Goldener Steig, are provided with numerous information boards about the historic places along the way.

On the trail of the salt sumpter. The ‘Gulden Strass’, as the Goldener Steig used to be called, is actually a whole network of individual hiking paths connecting the Bavarian Forest with Bohemia, along which not only the salt trade was carried on for many centuries: Salt and sweet goods were carried to the Moldauland and the freight travelling in the opposite direction was cereals and other foodstuffs.

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