Holidays with Nordic Walking in the Bavarian Forest

Nordic Walking Kurse im Wellnesshotel JagdhofNordic Walking courses in the hotel

Nordic Walking is more than just a trend sport. ‘Proper’ walking with sticks trains the whole body in a way that only a very few types of sport can offer.

Stress on the back, the knees and the ankles is reduced in comparison to jogging or walking by the sticks. Weight loss can be successfully assisted and the medical and health aspects are astonishing. Thanks to the special sticks you also have a safe footing even in difficult terrain.

We offer special Nordic Walking courses for our hotel guests. Holidays with Nordic Walking in the Bavarian Forest are very popular.

Courses with Nordic Walking in the Bavarian Forest

You can only achieve really permanently positive training effects through a course with a trained coach, even if Nordic Walking in the Bavarian Forest looks simple at first sight.

Nordic Walking courses in the Hotel Jagdhof

Our Spa Hotel Jagdhof offers you packages combined with the trend sport of Nordic Walking. The courses are run by a trained coach. Individual lessons and support are also possible. A normal state of health is required to take part in a course, but there is no age limit and your personal level of fitness is also not really important. However, you will need sports clothing, sports shoes or hiking boots.

The Nordic Walking Arena in Waldkirchen

The Nordic Walking Arena in Waldkirchen was opened in 2005 It has five different paths varying between 3.9 and 11.8 kilometres in length in all degrees of difficulty. The routes are signposted and laid out as circular courses in collaboration with the Jakob sports shop. They lead you on your Nordic Walking tours to the loveliest corners of Waldkirchen. The starting point is always the car park at the Fischerhäusl. Nordic Walking or Power Walking is possible, depending on the type of route.

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