Active programme at the Hotel Jagdhof Bavarian Forest

Aqua-gymnastics in the indoor swimming pool

Duration: approx. 30 min. casual all-body training that is gentle on the joints and where everyone can determine for themselves how intensively they wish to train


Duration: 30 min. Light exercises for strengthening the leg, bottom and tummy musculature, followed by stretching.

Body styling

Duration: 30 min. Light exercises with the tube (rubber band) for strengthening the musculature, followed by stretching.

Togu Brazil workout

Duration: 30 min. Workout that is gentle on the joints, where effective and fun training is guaranteed through the shaking of the Brazil (small, oval hedgehog balls filled with sand).

Cardio workout on the step

Duration: 30 min. By stepping on and off the platform with various steps, both the cardiovascular system and the bottom and leg musculature are trained.

Fatburner aerobic

Duration: 45 min. Your cardiovascular system is stimulated by light step combinations so that the fatburning really gets into gear.

Deep musculature training with the flexibar

Duration: 30 min. Training with the flexibar combines power and endurance training in which above all the deep musculature is stressed. This results in a unique form of training for the improvement of posture and coordination.


Duration: approx. 45 min. Training in which the sudden straining and relaxation of the musculature achieves deep physical relaxation.

Nordic Walking course

Learn the correct technique of Nordic Walking and get important information about this popular leisure sport. (about 2 hours)

Guided meditation

Duration: approx. 45 min.


Duration: approx. 60 min. Strengthening and stretching of the body in harmony with the respiration

Preventive back training

Duration: 45 min. This way you can avoid back pain. Back problems can be prevented by the mobilisation, strengthening and stretching of the musculature involved. The exercises take place in part using a Pezzi ball.

Round hike – ‘Röhrnbach mill trail’

Description: The theme trail initially leads past the romantic Göttl and Paulus mill. It continues uphill to the quarry, following which an idyllic forest path leads back to the starting point.

• Level of difficulty: light hike
• Length 4.5 km, takes about 1.5 hours

Stretch & relax

Duration: 45 min. Combination of all-body training and a subsequent relaxation unit


Duration: 60 min. Yoga positions train every part of the body, relax physical and mental tensions and arouse astounding energy reserves.

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