Sauna atrium at the Spa Hotel Jagdhof

Multifaceted sauna world with theme saunas

Kneipp treatment facilities, feature showers with tropical rain, cold mist, splish-splash, neck gush, Kneipp hose, ice well

The Jagdhof Sauna World, built in 2003, sets standards in terms of versatility in Bavaria’s sauna culture. Five different theme saunas, which leave nothing to be desired even for pampered sauna users, are grouped around the Sauna Court with its Roman look.

The snug sauna is just right for fans of the classic Finnish sauna. The Roman jewel aroma steam bath, which is equipped with noble dark-blue stoneware tiles, delights with aromas such as eucalyptus, fir or mint and is above all beneficial for the respiratory system. Cosy warmth awaits you in the laconium/tepidarium, while the herbal bath fortifies the entire organism. Genuine alpine hay provides for a healthy immunisation of the body in the Kraxen (‘hay basket’) oven.

The variety of the theme saunas in the Sauna World at the Spa Hotel Jagdhof is rounded off by the Kneipp treatment facility and various feature showers. Following the sauna experience you can supply your body with the necessary fluid with tasty teas from all over the world at the tea bar.


A special Highlight is the outdoor snug outdoor sauna ‘Old Mill’ in a rustic log cabin style stone bath, a basket containing hot stones is immersed at certain intervals in a water tank enriched with aromatic substances – a very special, romantic and beneficial atmosphere.

Panorama-Event-Sauna: A special highlight for sauna lovers, with daily changing theme water pouring ceremonies..

"old mill"



Whether alone or with friends, you can enjoy wellness in the Lady Spa – guaranteed women only!


Edelstein-Aromadampfbad Jewel aroma steam bath

The pleasant heat and the high humidity with aromas such as eucalyptus, fir and mint provide for an extremely refreshing climate. The respiratory system is cleaned, the circulation is stimulated, muscle tensions are relaxed and the skin becomes smooth and soft.

Due to the pleasant temperature of about 45 °C it has a pleasant effect and is less stressful for the circulation. Recommended duration of stay: 10 to 20 minutes, then shower and rest…

Stubensauna Snug sauna

Sauna bathing is a philosophy of life.

At about 85 °C the circulation is activated and the organism frees itself of the slag of everyday life via the skin.

We recommend alternating hot and cold foot baths before and after going in the sauna.

Recommended duration of stay 5 to 15 minutes, rest period 30 to 35 minutes.


Kräuterbad Herbal bath

You can relax here at pleasant temperatures of up to about 65 °C.

This form is very popular, since it combines the advantages of the Finnish sauna with the automatic pouring on of water with fresh fragrant herbs.

Laconium - Tepidarium LACONIUM – TEPIDARIUM

A stay in the laconium/tepidarium is gentle and stimulating at the same time.

Since the room temperature lies within the range of body temperature, you can stay here for any length of time.

It helps prevent illnesses and offers an ideal way of relaxing and regeneration for young and old.

 Kraxen (‘hay basket’) oven

The spicy smelling secret with genuine alpine hay…

A beneficial and muscle-relaxing warming of the back and neck region.

 Feature showers

With tropical rain, splish-splash, cold mist, flood shower, bucket shower, foot whirlpool with heated benches, Kneipp treatment facility – ice wells, oasis of calm with relaxation loungers and heated loungers, quiet room with water beds, sauna court

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